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Health Benefits from Collagen Supplements

marine collagen supplement on a spoon
We've all heard about beauty supplements, especially collagen. It has been gaining popularity but still has many doubts about its efficacy and effectiveness. So, here's how the collagen supplements provide excellent health benefits to our bodies.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a beauty protein that is naturally produced in our body. It comes from the Greek word "kólla," which means glue. Collagen is like a glue that allows tissues to connect in our body. We can find collagen on our skin, teeth, bones, hair and almost everywhere in our body.

After the age of 20, the production of collagen in our body decreases. Thus, making skin saggy and less firm. As a result, wrinkles are starting to show. The best thing to do is to replace lost collagen with supplements that will work from the inside out. This is why collagen supplements take place where it helps in hydrating, firming, and improving skin and any other body parts.

What are the Benefits of Collagen to Our Body?

1. Can improve skin, hair, teeth and nails health
Loss of collagen can result in wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite. Eating more of it will give your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.

2. Helps relieve joint pain
Similar to the oil in an engine, collagen helps joints, ligaments and tendons glide smoothly. On the other hand, an insufficient supply of collagen can lead to swollen, stiff and painful joints.

3. Could prevent bone loss
Our bones are mainly made of collagen, which gives them structure and keeps them strong. As you age, your collagen and bone mass degrade. The result may be conditions such as osteoporosis, characterized by the loss of bone density.

4. Could boost muscle mass
Proteins and carbohydrates found in collagen are converted into energy by amino acids, such as glycine. Lean muscle increases your metabolism since it burns more calories than fat. Moreover, collagen and vitamin C work together to facilitate this process.

5. Promotes heart health
Proline, an amino acid found in collagen, is also believed to help repair arteries and remove fat deposits. Additionally, it has been shown to lower blood pressure.

6. Additional health benefits

Hair and nails.
A collagen supplement may increase your nail strength by preventing brittleness. In addition, it may promote longer hair and nails.

Gut health.
Some healthcare practitioners claim that collagen supplements treat intestinal leakiness and intestinal permeability despite no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Brain health.
Collagen supplements have not been studied for their effects on brain health. Some people, however, claim that they improve mood and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Weight loss.
It is believed that taking collagen supplements may increase metabolism and help lose weight. There has been no evidence to back up these claims.

What's the Difference Between Marine and Bovine Collagen?

These two kinds of collagen are basically alike but differ in one thing: marine collagen comes from fish, while bovine collagen comes from cows.

These collagens come from different sources, meaning they come from different environments. Considering the environment plays a vital role in producing collagen, the quality of collagen supplements they make differs.

Marine collagen has Type I collagen, while bovine has Types I and III collagen. Type I collagen is found in our bones and skin, which helps form those tissues. It is also the most abundant type of collagen in the human body. In addition, it is the most effective type for healing and repairing your body. Type III is similar to Type I and is mainly found in our skin and organs. This type of collagen makes up about 21% of your body's collagen. Above all, regardless of their types, Type I and III support gut health and skin elasticity.

How to Supplement Collagen to Your Body?

Introducing Marine Collagen + Co-Factors. It is not only your collagen supplement but healthy collagen. Meaning, collagen is your ultimate building block for healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Don't just build collagen - build healthy collagen. The synergy of fish collagen peptides, silicon and whole-food vitamin C help protect against skin aging while supporting hair and nail health. Benefits of a daily dose of Marine Collagen + Co-Factor include:

- BUILD: Helps in collagen production
- SUPPORT: Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
- PROTECT: Source of an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals
- REPAIR: Helps in healing wounds

Collagen peptides have been shown to stimulate the production of collagen in the body. The application of collagen topically seems logical. Despite these barrier characteristics, collagen peptides cannot reach the dermal layer, where the collagen matrix lies.

Consuming collagen supplements orally allows it to enter the bloodstream. It reaches the dermis, stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid, another essential component of the skin's collagen matrix.

A process called collagen crosslinking requires the vitamins C and silicon as co-factors. As a result of this process, collagen is strengthened, functions better and is more resistant to damage. Also, vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for the skin. At the same time, silicon is vital for the health of hair, skin and nails.

Do you want to achieve glowing skin and healthy hair and nails? Give Bend Beauty a try and embrace the nutritional benefits it will provide.