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How Diet, Lifestyle, and the Environment Impact Your Skin

Focuses on skin health and longevity, and what influences both.

In section 1 of this free ebook, you will:
Learn about Skin Structure and Function
- Describes your skin’s structure and its function as a protective chemical and physical barrier between you and the outside world as part of your body’s total antioxidant defense and detoxifying systems.
- It establishes the connection between your skin health and longevity and defines skin aging.
Learn about Factors Influencing Skin Health
Describes what factors influence your skin health including:
Your specific Skin Climate® that is partly governed by your unique genetic make-up

- Environmental factors including your diet and lifestyle
- Your level of exposure to: Pollution/environmental toxins UV radiation from sunlight
- Includes explanations of how each of those factors directly impact your skin and overall health.

You will learn that healthy skin and longevity is a lot about maintaining proper balance!