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The Top Foods and Nutraceuticals to Benefit Skin Health & Longevity

Presents the clinical research supporting the benefits of our favorite foods and supplements to maintain your skin health and longevity. 

In Section 3 of this free ebook, you will find out:

Which foods and supplements can support skin health and longevity

What skin benefits were achieved in human clinical studies testing those food and supplements

What longevity benefits were achieved in human clinical studies testing those foods and supplements

Which foods and supplements are still being researched in relation to longevity

Your journey through life exposes you to many stressors that can be both good and bad. The impact of accumulative negative stress can damage your metabolic and regulatory processes, cellular tissues, and organelles, and eventually your whole cells and body.

Your skin takes the brunt of the impact because it is exposed to harmful sun effects on top of damage attributed to your otherl ife stressors. A resilient Skin Climate® and well performing tissue repair mechanisms can go a long way towards minimizing the added assault. Without that protection, overtime and through repeated attack, your skin can become dry, wrinkled, discolored, inflamed and diseased, and its ability to perform many functions that contribute to your overall health could be compromised, including barrier maintenance and detoxification. In addition, abnormal metabolic processes and regulatory functions that are occurring in other parts of your body, could contribute to this deteriorating process. Consequently, your skin’s appearance and function may become a warning that damage is taking place in another body location.

As your journey through life progresses, aging occurs. It is a complex, inevitable, and multifactorial process involving molecular and cellular decline that makes you more susceptible to disease and dying. Maintaining cell integrity, healthy metabolism, and adequate defense mechanisms are ways to slow the age-related structural and functional deterioration. Avoiding unnecessary stresses that speed up that process, will take you one step further towards a longer life.

Features linked to a more radiant self, regardless of your age, may include molecular integrity of your genome, telomerelength, epigenetic stability, and protein homeostasis. These are associated with mitochondrial fitness, appropriate metabolic regulation, efficient intercellular communication, stem cell renewal, and regenerative capacity within your tissues.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can enhance your repair mechanisms and detoxifying capacity to protect you from damaging life factors, and thereby contribute to a more youthful self, both inside and out! This reduces skin aging and promotes longevity. Certain foods and supplements can further contribute to these beauty enhancing and life-preserving benefits, so you can look your best, while living healthier and longer, in your quest for a beautiful life!

MY TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you!